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From small beginnings...

In Chicago, on February 23rd, 1905, four men met in Room 711 of the Unity Building on Dearborn Street. They were Paul Harris, a young lawyer; Silvester Schiele, a coal dealer; Gustavus E Loehr, a mining engineer and Hiram E. Shorey, a merchant tailor.

They discussed a thought which Paul Harris had been pondering over for five years. It was simply that business relations could - and should - foster friendly relations. They need not, thought Paul Harris, be a barrier to friendship.

As these men talked that night in Room 711, they saw even more clearly that men in business could be personal friends -and should be. In their discussion of ways to foster such business-social relations, they decided, in agreement with Paul Harris, that the formation of a club might best serve their aims. Though they didn’t decide there and then to call it a Rotary Club, that meeting on the night of February 23rd, 1905 was in fact the inaugural meeting of the world’s first Rotary Club.

Paul Harris's conception of a c1ub was a fellowship club, pure and simple, a club where larks and jolly fun shou1d predominate and so, that it might be different from all other clubs, the ’classification’ idea - one member from each trade or profession - was devised. The pattern of this type of club was taken up in San Francisco where a Club came into being in 1908. Others followed in Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Boston in 1909. From there the idea spread to cities and towns throughout the United States of America and then across the border to Winnipeg in Canada in 1910, over the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland, then to England and Scotland and so on.

Today, Rotary International is a worldwide association of 29,000 local clubs comprising 1.2 million men and women in 160 countries.

Rotarians, from business and the professions work together to:

- Provide humanitarian service to the local, national and international community;
- Encourage high ethical standards in all vocations;
- Work for goodwill and peace in the world.


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